Hey guys!

I’ve been living in NYC for almost a year now!

WOW, time flies!

Here are some of my top favorite thoughts and reasons why NYC is the best city in the world, from the vibe to the coffee shops NYC is truly amazing!

I remember the feeling of joy and excitement when I moved here and it’s funny how till today I still feel the same way about it. I just love everything about this place that I have the privilege to call home.

For those of you that have never been here before I’d have to tell you, NYC is the most inspiring city in the world. This is because it’s full of life and regardless of what time you go out you’re still going to find the opened restaurants, places and other cool things to do. Oh, and lights everywhere!

There are so many tall buildings and rooftops to explore that I’m sure you would fall in love with. I have found some awesome ones and I have my favorite ones as well, I promise I’ll make another post just to talk about the best ones to go to! By the way, the view is amazing, it’s a whole different world!

Another amazing thing is the transportation, and no I’m not talking about driving a car, you definitely don’t need a car! You can get anywhere and anytime by subway, they run 24/7!

All right, I have to confess one thing that I think its super weird here but it seems to be a normal thing. They have concerts at 7:00 in the morning! I honestly don’t know how these concerts get packed but it’s just too early for me. LOL!

Are you a coffee lover? I had never seen any other place with so many coffee shops, and they’re all next to each other but the interesting thing is that they are all SUPER GOOD! (I’ll also make another post telling you my favorite coffee shops around here).

A last thought on NYC and something that it still amazes me is that there’s people from almost all, if not all, the countries in the world. The Jewish community here is huge, there’s also Chinatown, Little Italy, Spanish community and more! They have stores, schools, restaurants and other places where everything is in their own language and culture! It’s great because you can experience an amazing diversity, try different food and learn more about different cultures. It’s literally a melting pot!

Oh NYC, how I love you!

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