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I S A B E L A    A L M E I D A

My name is Isabela Almeida, but everyone calls me Bela!

I am an Army Veteran, wife, mom, and a lover for fashion & business.

ByBela is my dream brand and being able to share it with the world has been nothing short of exciting! I am passionate about creating stunning, high-quality jewelry pieces that make a statement and stand the test of time.

I strongly believe in making high quality jewelry available for all!

ByBela for you.

Thanks! Message sent.

Contact Us

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By Bela is always thrilled and opened for new partnerships and "collabs".

So please, email us about work, press and/or joint projects.

We do Affiliate Marketing

Also, If you want to become a reseller, representative, buy wholesale or have any other questions, please inquire us about it.

Customer Care

Other than providing content for you to be inspired and a wonderful shopping platform, we created a safe and a 'for customer' place just for you.

Our goal is to grow naturally and with quality by taking care of each customer and user.

If you would like to suggest changes or would simply want to make any comments and/or share your opinion, then please feel free email us at the under contact us.

For more detailed information about customer care;

Please check the Terms of UsePrivacy PolicyShipping & Returns & FAQ.

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